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Toastmaster Competent Communicator Project 2 Speech Points

by Salocin.TEN
  • 1: Bored with events that have a serious deadpan protocol and long keynote speeches?
  • 2: How would you like it if toastmasters ran with no particular agenda?
  • Must be thinking of something else when the TME mentioned Barcamp. Lawyers? No. Drinking party? Well, probably, but no.
  • Barcamp started in 2005 by Tim O Reilly as a spin off of foo camp in company office.
  • Open sourced and publicly available general format.
  • No agendas, no keynotes, just a gathering of people sharing things.
  • Hundreds upon thousands of barcamps happening all over the world.
  • Barcamp KL inaugural 2008. I was part of the committee. Ruby on rails community leader.
  • Experience of running barcamp. Hectic commitment, food, logistics.
  • Found current job partly because of barcamp. Made many friends.
  • Caught on, several potential investors coming in. Govt. taking notice because of Barcamp.
  • Unifi part of a result of barcamp pressure.
  • Indeed drinking party version BeerCamp normally held first night of barcamp.
  • Largest Barcamp was in Myanmar in Jan 2010 with 2700 participants.
  • Plug barcamp as conclusion
Description: Speech points for project two of the competent communicator Toastmasters project catalog.
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